Soundgarden - King Animal 2012

Styles: Alternative Metal, Alternative/Indie Rock, Heavy Metal

This album fits perfectly in the Soundgarden library. If you are a fan of Down on the Upside and Superunknown, then this will not disappoint. It is shorter than previous SG albums, but it's worth is proven in every second of each song.

Been Away Too Long Song (First Track)

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John Cale - Paris 1919 (Pop/Rock)

A fully realized suite of music from a restless artist who knew better than to get stuck purveying crowd-pleasing pop. Cale's instinct is always to push beyond self-satisfaction. The result is a lushly produced set of songs that grow on you, that deepen in your ear, that finally make you wonder how in the world such smart, relentlessly melodic, rocking and rolling music could have escaped your notice for so long...and yet a set of songs that ache to be something more than just "a set of songs on an album." In this sense Paris 1919 is both a consummate example of early seventies post-Beatles English modern rock and a pulling away from that very same accomplishment--albeit a gentle pull. Cale, skeptical of pop music's desire to satisfy completely, needs that edge.
Andalucia - a great song

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