Kid Rock - Rebel Soul Review (Hard Rock)

So, two years after his Rick Rubin produced album "Born Free", Kid Rock is back with his new album "Rebel Soul." This time though things are different, there's no big name producer on board (Kid Rock produced this one himself) and things got a little less serious. I am going to review the album track-by-track based on several listening from start to finish.

Track #1 "Chickens In The Pen": This is great way to start the album and sets the tone for what's to come. The song is upbeat, melodic and makes you want to get up and dance. A great fun rock n roll song to kick start the album.
My rating: 8.5 /10

Elvis Costello - In Motion Pictures Review (Pop/Rock)

There is absolutely no point to this CD. The songs don't even fit well next to each other. If you have all the songs, just piece together a movie themed playlist if you feel the need (but I really wonder why that is appealing). As far as movie songs go, they left off two that could have made this better. Never Fall in Love Again from one of the Austin Powers movies and Party Party from some English movie back in the 80s. There are way better EC albums and compilations to buy that's for sure.

Verdict: 20/100

Joe Cocker - Fire It Up Review (Pop/Rock)

A good album from Joe Cocker
Joe Cocker has still got it. I was 14 years old when With A Little Help From My Friends came out and stood me on my ear, and I thought at the time that Cocker's throat would be in shreds by the end of the song, never mind 44 years later. But no - all the power and emotion is still there in the vocals on this album and he shows that he is a truly great and enduring rock and blues singer. The band is excellent - punchy and empathetic with some fine guitar work, solid bass and prominent drums - and the production is very good. The production is rich with fine backing vocals which aren't over-done and you know that you are listening to a classy product.