the Kitchen - Hieroglyphics Review

Genres: Rap, Underground Rap West Coast Rap Alternative Rap

Release Date: November 19, 2013

Review: 3rd official Hiero release is a let down. Whatever recipe they were using in 'the kitchen' left a bad taste in my mouth. Listened a few times and it's just not listenable. The production quality is average at best as the vocals are drowned out by the beats at certain points. There just weren't any catchy hooks, beats, or witty lyricism I'm used to. The songs that did have good lyrics like All as above so Below, had the same melancholy music playing in a loop ad nauseum. Possibly the Hiero group needs to filter out some of the members and let the prominent members shine like they did on Souls of Mischief. I found the song talking about "merch" to be a little offensive to the listeners.. that's purely a sales term and to brag about how they are making money off selling t-shirts, preying on the fans was a bit insulting.. that's just me. They had plenty of time to put this album out, I view this as failure.. let's hope they can team up with better producers and work on those lyrics.
Verdict: 40/100