Top Pop-Dance Music (Best of Dance Albums)

1. Hamilton Bohannon - The Very Best of Bohannon
"The Mighty Bohannon" this record has it all, jazz, blues, RnB. The music makes you want to get down really funky and dance, or take it easy and just relax.

2. Pet Shop Boys - The Complete Singles Collection
80's new wave at it's finest with pop rolled in.

3. 2 Unlimited - Hits Unlimited
Absolutely great music!

4. Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's True
It's a success in that the sound is solid, high-energy and - in the case of "I'm Gonna Miss You" - too emotional.

5. Duran Duran - Greatest
This is a excellent selection of tracks but it still misses because of the horribly butchered single versions of 'Save a Prayer' and 'Rio'.

6. Ace Of Base - Greatest Hits
This collection includes all of Ace Of Base's some newincredible tracks!

7. Janet Jackson - Design of a Decade: 1986-1996
"Design of a Decade 1986-1996" is a compilation of most of Janet Jackson's hits within that time span. Every track plays a excellent role in music history.

8. Best of Real McCoy: Another Night
Interesting lyrics combine with electro syntesizer.

9. Mariah Carey - #1's
Great compilation of Mariah's top hits.

10. Michael Jackson - Bad
The songs are perfect.


Anonymous said...

Pet Shop Boys is fantastic, band is the godess of dance-pop.

अरविन्द जांगिड said...


Anonymous said...

this list is bullshit

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other anonymous guy Michael Jacksons "Bad"album should be the #1.It has unique,music and dancing.Michael is the best dancer also!.

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