Barry Adamson - Back to the Cat Reviews

Based on 6 critics - Overal Score:  79/ 100

Description: "A chaotic jazz-funk shuffle ... brass-backed, (songwriter as well) Sixties-style soul ... breezy country-and-western ... swampy Southern States blues--(Adamson's) new tracks shone brightest."
Genre(s): Film Music, Jazz Blues, Modern Big Band, Original Score, Post-Punk, Space Age, Pop Alternative/Indie Rock

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Mark Olson - Many Colored Kite Reviews

Based on 9 critics - Overal Score:  67/ 100

Description: 2010 album from Mark Olson, here are some crafted songs performed on a mixture of rock and folk instruments.(sound is simple)
Genre(s):Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Americana, Alternative Country-Rock

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