Los Lonely Boys - Rockpango Review ratings and more

Based on 2 critics - Overal Score:  64/ 100

Description: 2011 album by pop-rock band Los Lonely Boys. Continuing to creatively draw from and meld blues, rock from classic to modern, soul, their Latino heritage and even snippets of hip-hop, jazz and more, they display greater assurance, creativity and sophistication than ever on their new disc while continuing to offer infectious music that goes straight to the heart. The stuff that made Los Lonely Boys stars- luscious brotherly vocal harmonies, potent songs with unshakeable pop appeal, irresistible grooves and Henry Garza's masterful guitar work's are in full abundance on Rockpango. It's a great leap forward by one of rock music's finest bands.

Critic Rating
AllMusic 4 out of 5
Pastemagazine 4.8 out of 10



Release Date: Mar 29, 2011
Label: Playing in Traffic
Time: 40:16
Genres: Pop/Rock, Roots Rock, Guitar Virtuoso

Track list

1. American Idle
2. Fly Away
3. Love In My Veins
4. Road To Nowhere
5. 16 Monkeys
6. Rockpango
7. Smile
8. Baby Girl
9. Change The World
10. Porn Star
11. Believe