Under-g’s Best Albums of 2011 Q1

the Best Rock albums of 2011 Q1

  Foo Fighters - Wasting Light

"This record is classic Foo's, strikes all the right chords Foo Fighters fans have come to lowe and expect from Grohl and his buddies...... "

  The Dears - Degeneration Street

"Unique orchestral pop/rock that is stylish, angst-ridden & captivating."

  Strokes - Angels

"This record does have some truly excellent songs. See: Machu Pichu, Under Cover, Taken For A Fool, Gratisfaction. Unfortunately, like FIOE, the Strokes felt the need to "expirement" vvith their sound again."

  REM - Collapse Into Now

REM's 2011 album "Collapse Into Now" is filled with charming melodic ballads interspersed vvith the odd rocker. Very relaxed and free flowing, and easily 1 of their most accessible releases in a bit.