Silverstein - Rescue Reviews and Music Video

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The album debuted at number five on the Billboard independent album chart.
Rescue is the fifth studio album by the Canadian post-hardcore group Silverstein. It was released on 26 April 2011, the first full length album to be released on the band's new label, Hopeless Records. It contains two songs from the band's previously released EP album Transitions. A music video has already been released for the song "Sacrifice" and on February 4, 2011 the band played a free show in Toronto, with Robby Starbuck filming the event for a music video for the track "The Artist", released on March 28. It was revealed on the band's Formspring that a video will also be released for the song "Burning Hearts". Shane also announced on formspring that there will be a 7" vinyl release for "The Artist" on their Record Store Day and it will have 3 exclusive covers as B-sides. Shane also announced there will be a iTunes exclusive track for the album as well. Frontman Shane Told described the material on the new record as, "a cross between Discovering and Shipwreck". The album leaked on March 26, 2011, exactly one month before its intended release.

Tyler, the Creator - Goblin Reviews and more

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Goblin is the second studio record by OFWGKTA member Tyler, the Creator. It is a loose concept record dealing with Tyler's experiences with his fictional therapist. It has been confirmed to be released on May 10, 2011 through XL Recordings.