Annie Crane - Jump With A Child’s Heart Lyrics

Some come here prepared to fail, some with delusions of success
But no workmen's confidence.
They swarm the restaurants and with their swollen feet they over dramatize their beat.
After one year of bitchin’, they return to their home state with silken hands.
And for those who’ve been here for years working it and trying it,
Their hands show the rough, rugged course.
And in early fall when the sun hits the leaves just right,
Is when our tables house the rich Hamptonites.
Now pockets a little greener, our hearts a little younger,
We'll work through the slow and make bank with the flow.
I don’t mean to be crude and I don’t mean to be rude,
But if you put in the time she’ll give you wine.
We’ll keep up the heart until she shows us the next course to chart
And in truth we’ll jump with a child’s heart.
Ooooh, in truth we’ll jump with a child’s heart.
Ooooh, in truth we’ll jump with a child’s heart.
Ooooh, in truth we’ll jump with a child’s heart.
Ooooh, in truth we’ll jump with a child’s heart.
Ooooh, in truth we’ll jump with a child’s heart.

Bjork - Biophilia CD Covers

"What I always wanted to do was to reconnect musicology with nature," Icelandic composer and performer Björk recently told the New York Times. "I always wanted to make bass lines behave like gravity."
CD Cover Front

Biophilia is the Icelandic singer and composer's most ambitious undertaking in a 20-year career distinguished by continuous innovation and artistic evolution. The album title refers to a love of all living things, and in every aspect of this game-changing multi-media effort, Björk brilliantly connects nature, music, and technology.

In addition to the music itself, this project will offer interactive iPad apps, designed by the industry's most creative minds, that feature games, music, and editorial content-allowing listeners to explore more deeply the concepts and sounds of each of Biophilia's 13 songs.

Music Releases - October 2011

Annie Crane - Jump With a Child's Heart CD Covers and Track Listing

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 Americana singer/songwriter Annie Crane calls to mind folk legends Joni Mitchell, Gillian Welch and Sandy Denny and is, according to Nashville documentarian and music writer Craig Havighurst, "refashioning folk music in a modernist and urbane guise." She writes of immigrant histories and of personal love. She has toured internationally, spreading her voice and poetry from Copenhagen to Kentucky, from Berlin to New York, and from Paris to Nashville where she shared the stage with folk icon Emmylou Harris at the inaugural Music City Roots' Live from the Loveless Cafe. Based in NYC, Crane has played some of the city's most celebrated venues such as Rockwood Musichall, The Bitter End, Sidewalk Cafe, and The Living Room and has shared the stage with The Bowmans, The Wowz, Jill Andrews of the Everybody Fields, Au Revoir Simone, Jean Ritchie, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, and Emmylou Harris.