Thrice - Major/Minor Review and Yellow Belly Lyrics

I can't think of a reason why Thrice shouldn't be my favorite group in the world right now. Major/Minor leaves next to nothing to be desired in a modern rock record. (Alternative/Indie Rock) Everything that Thrice has done well in the past is present on this disc in droves upon droves. While not being overly progressive in the vein of 'The Alchemy Index' EP's, (atmospheric) and seeming slightly more filled out than the unabashed minimalism of 'Beggars', 'Major/Minor' succeeds at being both raw and sonic and captures the sound of a band that has reached its summit. Lyrically, Dustin Kensrue is without equal.

That's not to say he simply parrots SAT words one after the other but there's a careful, poetic quality (screamo) to his words that seems to extend far beyond his years. As if that weren't enough, (cathartic) Kensrue puts forth a vocal effort that is both singular and powerful. on 'Disarmed' he croons and moves softly through watery moments while on 'Blur' he manages to unleash some of the buzz-saw ferocity that helped put Thrice on the map years ago. While Kensrue is arguably the greatest (confrontational) front man in modern rock, 'Major/Minor' does not solely belong to him. Teppei Teranishi has come a long way from post-hardcore (aggressive) shredding and he drives that point home on gems like (rousing) 'Treading Paper' and 'Call it in the Air'. His playing is calculated & is less about mach 3 soloing than crafting ambient, mood inducing leads.