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Goapele, whose name means “to move forward” in the South African language of Setswana, has done just that since her 2001 self-released debut album, Closer. In the last 3 to 4 years, the Oakland, California native has become a mother, cut off her signature dreads and truly come into her own as a woman. Currently promoting her latest effort, Break of Dawn, CherryOnTop got a chance to sit down with Goapele during her recent stop in NYC for a show at the legendary B.B. King’s to talk about showing off her sexy side, the pressure to get scantily clad and overly sexual like some of her contemporaries, Rihanna and her possible role in the upcoming Sparkle remake.

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Class Actress - Rapprocher Reviews

Based on 7 critics - Overal Score:  71/ 100

Critic Rating

AllMusic The most impressive thing on Class Actress' debut full-length album Rapprocher is the voice of Elizabeth Harper. Her rich, powerful, not to mention thoroughly enchanting vocals give the retro-synth pop sound a strength and impact that eludes most bands who chart a similar musical course.

Sputnikmusic Whatever the balance, it most definitely works. The track-list is consistent, the melodies catchy and layered, and the vocals lush and textured. Harper’s voice is silky and poised, adding a wash of warmth to the chilling robo-beats with her memorable and anthemic lines.