Gary Numan - Dead Son Rising Review

What was meant as a stop-gap between "Jagged" and "Splinter" almost became nothing at all as Numan grew weary of the project. After putting the whole thing on the shelf for a while, Numan and Ade Fenton returned to work on the project with new enthusiasm and it became much more than just a collection of old songs.

"Dead Son Rising" is a complete album, one of the most complete albums I've heard in a long while. More than just a collection of singles, this album has things like PACE and FLOW from track to track, start to finish. As it ends, it compels the listener to play it again. "Resurrection" draws the listener in as it builds, setting the stage for "Big Noise Transmission", which flat out rocks more than any Numan track since "Crazier". "Dead Sun Rising", the almost-title-track, may be the best of many unabashedly-melodic industrial moments on the album. The lyrics dip once again into one of Numan's sci-fi personas, and the bells in the instrumental break are absolutely gorgeous. "When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come" works through a slow crawl and then satisfyingly breaks into a rocking-chorus, then does it a couple more times for good measure.

Johnny Foreigner - Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything

Truly Amazing! if you like obscure indie bands from the UK this album is totally for you! ive been a huge fan for a while and ive been waiting and waiting for this album! blew my mind and i was expecting it too!