Drake - Take Care Review

So first of all, Drake is Drake. This is his 2nd major release and he has quite a few lesser known releases from a few years ago. Anyone who claims to be a hip hop head and then gets mad that this cd isn't as hip hop as they expected, then what can i tell you? Well, i could tell you that you're simply not a hip hop head. Anyone who knows anything about hip hop can tell you off the bat that yes, Drake can spit, but that isn't his only talent and he isn't interested in making a rap album. Most of his songs feature him singing whether on auto tune or with some other kind of voice enhancement. I've seen him in concert and can tell you that he's not a very good singer without the digital help. But lucky for us, he (like most of today's r&b acts) is smart enough to use these enhancements on the cd. He isn't a thug, he isn't from the streets, and he isn't a battle rapper or a free styler. However, too many people are interested in comparing him based on those attributes instead of just laying back and listening to this cd.

You know who you are so i'll stop there.

As far as this cd goes, it's real addicting, mainly because of the hooks and the beats. The beats are top notch. Production is so solid and goes perfect with Drake. The guest spots for the most part are solid too, except for the last few bars from nicki minaj.

I really like this cd but i'm gonna compare it to his previous works, simply because while Drake has definitely matured in his last couple of cd's, he has a certain sound that sticks with him throughout. And it's easier to compare this cd with his previous cd's instead of comparing him to wu-tang, biggie, or some ridiculous sh* like that.

Guided by Voices - Let's Go Eat the Factory Review

A very, very good Guided by Voices record. If not a classic, it's very close. Fans won't be disappointed. I've listened to it like 15 times and I have to say it gets better with every listen. It's Guided by Voices to the core with the Sprout songs giving it that extra ass kick. Welcome back boys, you've been sorely missed. I'm looking forward to next album in a few months! The Club is Re-Opened and I'll be taking my usually spot right up front. Cheers. 9/10

Kathleen Edwards - Voyageur Review

Atmospherics aside, the strength of any Kathleen Edwards album is the songwriting ... and it's as good here as ever. Heartbreak and renewal are universal themes, but Edwards makes them personal without overstating the case. This is a break-up album with subtle beauty not angry payback. "A Soft Place To Land" , "Pink Champagne" and "For the Record" are filled with compassion and gravitas. Edwards is processing what went wrong, instead of assessing blame. That's what also makes the movin' on charm of "Change The Sheets" and "Sidecar" such a kick. Props to Bon Iver's Justin Vernon for adding the sonic flourishes without overdoing it. This is a great album, with all the makings of a beautiful relationship musical and otherwise. Glad to be along for the voyage. 9/10