Frank Nitt - Stadium Music

Frank Nitt - So Large (03:01)
Frank Nitt - Spotlite (03:34)
Frank Nitt - What Am I Supposed To Do and The Hop (Interlude) (05:04)
Frank Nitt - Hello Ft. Kid Sublime & Que D (03:45)
Frank Nitt - Can U (03:18)
Frank Nitt - Dank Says (Interlude) (01:05)
Frank Nitt - Kick Rocks Ft. Illa J (Aka John Regal) & Dank (Of Frank-N-Dank) (03:46)
Frank Nitt - On My Way (03:07)
Frank Nitt - Mismatch Ft. Numbe:ra (03:35)
Frank Nitt - Ready Ft. Que D & Grim Ace (03:33)
Frank Nitt - Glimpse Of A Champion Ft. Dank (Of Frank-N-Dank) (03:54)
Frank Nitt - Radio (03:16)
Frank Nitt - Space Walkin (Interlude) (55)

As one-half of Frank-N-Dank, rapper/producer Frank Nitt earned his cred just by being in the room with J. Dilla, but his freaky, punchline rhymes aren't universally appreciated, so don't expect your neighborhood backpackers to be lining up for this conceptual album which, in further alienating convolution, was made to accompany his 48-page mini-memoir about a life in hip-hop.