Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire Review

De Novo Adagio (intro) - A short and simple intro that showcases the classically trained skills that some may have forgotten Ms. Keys possessed. Would have been lovely if this were longer with lyrics attached. I wonder what that would have sounded like.

Brand New Me - The intro goes straight into this song, which actually brings the lyrics that I hoped to hear mentioned above. I think this song is a personal note to all of her critiques out there that have had issues with the way her personal life has resulted to the past few years. She talks about her growth, and how no one should be mad or feel bad for the changes that have occurred with her. This song is about accepting oneself, and not worrying about the opinions of others. It's a really good song with a poignant message. However, there were essences of straining in some areas of the song.

John Zorn - The Concealed Review (Jazz)

"The Concealed" brings together Bar Kokhba and The Dreamers. In this sense, it is the Zornian version of Marvel's The Avengers. The band is composed of John Medeski, Mark Feldman, Trevor Dunn, Joey Baron, Kenny Wollesen and Erik Friedlander. So minus a couple of cats like Marc Ribot and Jamie Saft, these guys are the John Zorn All-Stars. "The Concealed" is a melodically satisfying journey. This is a relaxing adventure that is as cerebral as it is enchanting. While there is much collaboration, the two groups generally trade-off. A Dreamers tune will lean on the jazzy side of things while the following Bar Kokhba song will have a chamber sensibility. While classified as one of Zorn's mystical works, it lacks the harp and orchestral bells that characterize other works in the series like "Vision in Blakelight." Along similar lines, The Dreamers deliver their magical chill vibe but leave the lounge, surf and exotica at home.

Killer Joe Review and Screenshots (Killer Joe 2011 Film Review and Screenshots)

Few films contain such a palpable mix of dark comedy and brutality as William Friedkin's Killer Joe. The film reunites Friedkin with writer Tracy Letts, who last worked together on 2006's Bug. That film was a memorable little oddity that polarized audiences. If you have the stomach for it, Killer Joe is the superior film. For Friedkin, whose career was built on successes he had decades ago, it's a roaring comeback. For the star Matthew McConaughey, it's a career renaissance. In the last year, after serving time as the go-to guy for romantic comedies, McConaughey has begun taking on more daring roles and this is his most daring yet. It's also his best performance.