Box Office Briefing: Killing Them Softly Has Perished Swiftly

This is one of those “dead zone” weekends of the year, a weekend in which very few films have ever opened to big success. The post-Thanksgiving weekend is practically a death slot, as is the first weekend in December (which should bode ill for next week’s wide releases). But the after that it’s pretty much smooth sailing as the box office explodes mid-December (as it will this year with the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey). We just need to get through this dead zone first, as every wide release, even one starring Brad Pitt, is practically guaranteed to fail.

A Good Day to Die Hard Reveals a New Featurette

Twentieth Century Fox Film, in a promotional partnership with RAM Trucks, has revealed a new featurette from the upcoming A Good Day to Die Hard. Check it out in the player below and read about a special contest RAM is holding to win tickets to the US premiere by clicking here.

Elbow - Dead in the Boot Review

When a band releases its "Best Of B-Sides" record, that's usually an ominous cue that they might be running out of ideas. And yes, I know that on the last tour, Elbow did like a 5-song ballad break in the middle of every set while the band sat around a table and drank whiskey in celebration of their 20th anniversary together as Guy Garvey serenaded them. There's just one problem with the stereotype: this is actually a terrific album that might be better than one or two of their studio albums. Obviously, it being a B-side collection, there's no lead single here, but so what? There wasn't one on their last record either. Instead you get 13 moody meditations on everything from the price of phone sex to the War On Terror.