Scott Walker - Bish Bosch Review (Experimental)

I have always been a fan of Walker's work, whether it be his 60's crooning stint with the Walker Brothers or his last 30 plus year journey into the nether-regions of soundscaping that started with the Walker Brothers' Night Flights. Bish Bosch completes a trilogy that began with Tilt (1995) and Drift (2006). This is the most fully realized of the trilogy and is, in my opinion, the best of the three. Instead of going through each song, which is the all too cliched way of reviewing music, I'd rather critique this music on what I feel the artist's intent was and if he was successful in conveying that intent. Walker has been working in the medium of music and poetry like no one else really has over the last 30 years. His lyrics are rich in ambiguity and imagery.