Tame Impala - Lonerism Review (indie rock)

Tame Impala's previous album, 2010's superb 'Innerspeaker--as original and forward-thinking as it was compared to most modern psychedelic albums--was very reminiscent of '66-'67-era Beatles, if the Beatles of that time had time-traveled to the present and listened to massive amounts of Dungen's Swedish space-rock before recording their next album, making use of modern studio wizardry. But, while Kevin Parker's voice still sounds a lot like Lennon's (and probably always will), 'Lonerism' is a giant step forward in the evolution of their sound, seemingly influenced as much by the mid-70's, electronic-based interstellar sounds of bands like Tangerine Dream and Italy's Sensations' Fix as the Beatles this time around, while at the same time sounding utterly fresh and unique.