Django Unchained 2012 Film Review and Screenshots

As an avid fan of Quentin Tarantino, there's a level of quality that I expect from each film that he makes. I expect to connect with his characters, but not necessarily like any of them. I expect to see a film that satisfies the film geek in me. More than anything, I expect to see a film that entertains throughout the prerequisite bloated running time.

Broadcast - Berberian Sound Studio (Pop-Rock)

'Berberian Sound Studio,' which contains Broadcast's soundtrack work for the recent Peter Strickland film of the same name (and which was composed and partially recorded before singer Trish Keenan's death in 2011), is a rather strange and unique--even scary--listening experience that recalls the band's collaboration with the Focus Group from a few years ago. It's more of a musical collage than an actual album, with 39 "songs" stuffed into its 38 minutes, producing a myriad of sounds and moods, and resulting in an extremely kaleidoscopic listen.

Les Misérables: Highlights from the Motion Picture Soundtrack Review

Still have tears in my eyes after replaying the Epilogue for the second time (yes, I was a dork and did the Mis March step...). It is RAW, especially Jackman throughout and Hathaway is so heavenly in the final scene (no, it blesses your soul, like God is saying, "You are worthy").

Jackman's voice is very, very, very unique. It will be hard for the Wilkinson and other Jean Valjean fans to accept his quality, I think. BUT, again I will use the word, RAW! It has an emotion that is real time REAL. It is an adjustment from the recordings we've been listening to for years. But give it its due. And then wait the three days to see the visuals!!!!!