Heavy Blinkers - Health (July 30, 2013)

Health is the fourth studio album by Canadian band The Heavy Blinkers. It was released in July 2013 under their self-titled record album. It is their first album within 10 years, after their 2004 album The Night and I Are Still So Young.

1. "As Long as You Have Your Health"   2:21
2. "Anna Karina, I Was Wrong"   3:47
3. "Child of the Radio"   3:54
4. "God Bless Hazel"   3:20
5. "Call It a Day"   3:53
6. "I Should Be Sleeping"   2:58
7. "Perfect Tourists"   3:26
8. "Silence Your Drum"   3:05
9. "Crystal Clear"   4:10
10. "It Sounds Better Than It Sounds"   4:15
11. "Waiting for a Riverboat"   4:16
12. "Why Must You Hide Your Light?"   4:31
13. "Mes Craintes OubliĆ©es"   3:44
14. "Someone Died Today at the Ice Capades"   5:26
15. "When You Go"   4:33
16. "Everything Is Magic"   4:13
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Medicine - To The Happy Few (August 6, 2013)

Over ten years after they called it quits as a working band, 2013 finds the original members of Medicine reunited and proudly offering a recorded LP on Captured Tracks. To The Happy Few is the sound of a highly inspired group reclaiming its creative legacy, thoroughly immersed in the practice of mixing harsh noise with obsessive melodic detail and heavily groovy rocking. "Long As The Sun" is the first song we shared from the 2013 Medicine LP. It simultaneously references the origins of the band and explodes into brand new territory. An exuberant, belligerently pounding carnival.