Spotify Music Now Crypted , Can't Playing Offline

I am ripping with Internet Download Manager. Files is not .flv. , i'ts crypted mp3 files. I need the details or news.


Recently I downloaded several albums with Spotify for use offline, inside the spotify code it does have this little bit of code that talks about how often music is played and if you don't touch a certain piece of music for 90 days, that piece of music automatically gets deleted. So why are you trying to use IDM?                      

24-bit losless music


Since now, I own a fiio high-res player, I´m looking for content. It plays 192kHz/24-bit audio (which is not the same as 192kbit!!) and finding music for it is quite hard. Here, I can find a handful of 24-bit audio, but most of it is vinyl rips in 24bit.
Most music nowdays exists in 24-bit in studio recordings, but off corse when transferred to a cd, it goes down to 44,1khz/16-bit.
Lossless music is in this format for the most cases, also.
I heared that itunes music is available in 24bit as well...
So, where to find content?