Live To Spend

Madonna is officially the most successful touring solo artist of all time. The star’s recent Rebel Heart tour pushed her total career ticket sales to $1.73 billion, just ahead of Bruce Springsteen’s $1.25 billion. The news comes as a welcome respite for Madonna, who has been embroiled in a courtroom tug-of-war over the custody of her son Rocco with ex-husband Guy Richie. She was also given a ticking off for posting fake ‘No Parking’ signs around her property in New York this year for her fleet of SUVs. Two Australian dates from Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour were filed for a DVD release. It’s also expected to feature elements of her Tears Of A Clown fan show in Melbourne, which mixed rarities with stand-up comedy and circus performance.


The Duran star has been reflecting on the day his yacht Drum famously capsized off the Cornish coast in 1985. “It’s the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in,“ says Le Bon, who ended up trapped beneath the vessel, smelling diesel fumes. “I looked into the eyes of death. It wasn’t completely black but it was wet, and everything was upside down, you’re walking on the ceiling.” Le Bon was led to safety by a diver. “As I came up the waistband of my long johns got caught and I stopped 2ft away from the surface. If I had breathed, it would be the end of me. I managed to get them off my feet and came up with a big smile.“ Even so, Le Bon and the rescue team could see the funny side. “I got winched off into the helicopter and one of the guys called ’Hey Simon, where’s your pants?’ I was just stood there in my knickers. There’s me, a rock star, in his underpants…“