Social Distortion - Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes Reviews

Based on 9 critics - Overal Score:  73/ 100

Description: This is the 2011 studio record by the alternative-rock band Social Distortion, scheduled 4 release on January 18, 2011, Social Distortion recorded the album from February to July 2010.
Genre(s): Alternative Pop/Rock, Hardcore Punk, Alternative/Indie Rock, Punk/New Wave

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Diddy - Last Train to Paris Reviews

Based on 15 critics - Overal Score:  71/ 100

Description: The record follows Diddy's alter-ego as he travels from London to Paris to regain a lost love. (in love) Dirty Money perform on the record alongside a total of sixteen guest voices which include appearances from Grace Jones and Lil Wayne, amongst others.
Dec 14, 2010 Genre(s): Club/DancePopContemporary R&B

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Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown Reviews

Based on 39 critics - Overal Score:  63/ 100

Description: The record is the follow-up to the hugely successful Only By The Night, which sold over six million copies vvorldwide and garnered 4 Grammy Awards and two Brits, and is yet another bold and expansive statement by the Nashville, Tennessee-based quartet.

Genre(s): Indie Pop, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock Release Date: Oct 19, 2010

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The Decemberists -The King Is Dead Reviews

Based on 2 critics - Overal Score:  70/ 100

Description: The record a set of 10 concise, country-based tracks marks a deliberate turn towards simplicity (sixth studio album) after the group's wildly ambitious and widely acclaimed 2009 song-cycle The Hazards of Love. (most pastoral) Produced once again by Tucker Martine, The King Is Dead features special guest appearances by Americana luminary Gillian Welch on seven songs and legendary R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck on three songs.
Release Date: January 18, 2011 Genre(s): Folk Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

Critic Rating
Prog Archives 3 out of 5
EzineArticles 8 out of 10

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Class Actress - Journal of Ardency Reviews

Based on 4 critics - Overal Score:  68/ 100

Description: Class Actress is an electro_pop trio made up of Elizabeth Harper, Scott Rosenthal, Mark Richardson and a collection of synth-heavy future hits. Release Date: (January 4, 2011)
Genre(s): Indie Pop, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

Critic Reviews

Critic Rating
CokeMachineGlow 74 out of 100
PopMatters 7 out of 10
Shelflife 7 out of 10
Prefix 6 out of 10

The Greenhornes - 4 Stars(****) Reviews

Based on 8 critics - Overal Score:  71/ 100

Description: Third Man Records/Warner Bros. Records is excited to release The Greenhornes' first full length LP of new material since 2002's 'Dual Mono.' This new album may be their strongest collection of songs yet. Release Date: Nov 15 2010

Genre(s): Garage Rock Revival, Indie Rock, Garage Punk, Alternative/Indie Rock

Critic Rating
Guardian 3 out of 5
AllMusic 4 out of 5
NME 7 out of 10
MusicOMH 4 out of 5
RollingStone 3 out of 5
Sputnikmusic 3.5 out of 5
Spin 7 out of 10
AV Club B+ out of A+


Duran Duran - All You Need Is Now Reviews

Based on 9 critics - Overal Score:  74/ 100

Description: All You Need Is Now is the thirteenth studio album by the British pop/rock band Duran Duran. The album was released on 21 December 2010 digitally on the iTunes Store worldwide. A 12-track physical package will be available for purchase on CD and vinyl with special deluxe options in February 2011, co-inciding with the 30th anniversary of the band's first release.

Genre(s): Dance-Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock

Critic Rating
tmc 3 out of 5 10 out of 10
Consequence of Sound 3 out of 5
Planet Ill 4 out of 5
PopMatters 90 out of 100
PremierGuitar 3 out of 5
Prefix Magazine 80 out of 100
Rolling Stone 70 out of 100
Boston Globe 80 out of 100

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Wire - Red Barked Tree Reviews

Based on 4 critics - Overal Score:  70/ 100

Description: Red Barked Tree is the forthcoming twelfth studio album by the English post punk band Wire, due to be released January 11, 2011.

Genre(s): Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

Critic Reviews

Critic Rating
Record Collector 4 out of 5
AllMusic 3 out of 5
PennyBlackMusic -
ContactMusic -


Robert Wyatt - For the Ghosts Within Reviews

Based on 29 critics - Overal Score:  77/ 100

Description: Domino is proud to release Wyatt, Atzmon, Stephen's beautiful album, For the Ghosts Within, on November 9, 2010. For The Ghosts Within is a new collaboration between Robert Wyatt, saxophonist/composer Gilad Atzmon and violinist/composer Ros Stephen.

Genre(s): Alternative Pop/Rock, Chamber Jazz, Alternative/Indie Rock, Experimental Rock

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Le Futur Pompiste - Le Futur Pompiste Reviews

Based on 2 critics - Overal Score:  75/ 100

Description: 2010 release from the Finnish Alt-Popsters. The uncommonly sophisticated sextet seemed to arrive from out of nowhere. Obvious kindred spirits with the likes of Stereolab, Broadcast and Komeda - groups who combine old-fashioned melody and newfangled technology to create a timeless notion of pop.

Genre(s): Indie Pop, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

Critic Rating
Shelflife 7 out of 10
AllMusic 4 out of 5


Camel Rainbow’s End – An Anthology

2010 four CD anthology from the British Progressive Rock group, the most comprehensive overvievv of their career, focusing on Camel's long association vvith Decca vvhich yielded the group's best loved and most significant work.

Genre(s): Prog-Rock, Art Rock

True Grit (Original Soundtrack)

Carter Burwell's score for Joel & Ethan Coen's cinematic version of Charles Portis' novel True Grit. Elmer Bernstein,whose stirring,exciting scores figured heavily in many a John Wayne oater did the music for John Wayne's version, while Burwell has given us a draggy,minimalist,snore-inducing collection of warmed-over gospel music and truly soporific solo piano turns with just a few luke-warm orchestral pieces..

Love Is a Stream - Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

This is latest album by various group Jefre Cantu-Ledesma His label, Root Strata, is highly regarded by the drone/ambient music community and has an extensive catalog that includes artists such as Tarentel, Grouper, Ilyas Ahmed, The North Sea, Starving Weirdos, Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood and more.
Indie Rock, Experimental Electronic, Experimental Ambient, Indie Electronic, Alternative Pop/Rock
01 - Stained Glass Body
02 - Star Garden
03 - Loving Love
04 - Where I End & You Begin
05 - Body Within Body
06 - Where You End & I Begin
07 - Orbiting Love
08 - White Dwarf Butterfly
09 - Womb Night 10 - River Like Spine 11 - Wild Moon & Sea 12 - Mirrors Death

127 Hours Soundtrack

Most of the original soundtracks use guitar as the base instruments and develops various theme. Liberation begins, liberation in dreams are adrenaline pumping sound track. It builds considerable momentum starting with a simple guitar and adds more and more instrument continuously.

Genre(s) OST
Styles Motion Picture Soundtrack
Channel Mode: Joint stereo
Playtime: 61:21

VA - Now That's What I Call Christmas 4

This is nice to see some good new Christmas tracks by Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Maroon 5. But I don't understand why they repeat tracks that were on previous Nows. One particular track is repeated way too much. Little Saint Nick by the Beach Boys. It is on Now Christmas 1, 3, 4, and the Essential Now That's What I Call Christmas. The only one it is not on is Now Christmas 2. Seriously, I don't see that it needs to be repeated that much. It's still a excellent track, but it does not need to be on anymore Now Christmas records. Some of the other songs have been on previous Now Christmas records as well. But the new material still makes it good. One track I am disappointed that hasn't made a Now Christmas record yet is Snoopy's Christmas by the Royal Guardsmen.

Wire - Red Barked Tree

Red Barked Tree is the forthcoming twelfth studio album by post punk band Wire.

Alternative Pop/Rock, Post Punk, Alternative/Indie Rock

Group Members
. Colin Newman
. Bruce Gilbert
. Graham Lewis
. Robert Gotobed
. B.C. Gilbert

The Walkmen - Lisbon

This record is a wonderful road trip. Some tracks (Woe is me, Angela, Victory, etc) may stand out more on their own, but really, to make the most of this record, it is best enjoyed as a unit!

Genre(s) Pop-Rock

Styles: Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Garage Rock Revival

Release Date 2010

Length 44:55

Dead Snares Debut New Stop-Motion Animated Mini-Film Created by Tobias Stretch (Radiohead-Weird Fishes)

Los Angeles, CA—Dead Snares front man and creator Jeffrey Cain has teamed up with video director and stop-motion animator Tobias Stretch to create a mini-film for “The Language,” the first track from the Dead Snares debut CD Speak The Language. An epic work of puppetry and stop motion, the video can be viewed at

Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird - The Tallest Man on Earth

Sometimes the Blues Is Just a Passing Bird is an EP by The Tallest Man on Earth (aka songwriter Kristian Matsson).
Indie Rock, Alternative Indie Rock
1. "Little River" - 3:46
2. "The Dreamer" - 4:06
3. "Like the Wheel" - 3:28
4. "Tangle In This Trampled Wheat" - 3:03
5. "Thrown Right at Me" - 2:59

VA - Bangs and Works Vol 1 A Chicago Footwork Compilation

The music on this compilation ranges from RP Boo to producers who have come through the ghetto house scene such as DJ Roc, DJ Spinn, Traxman, DJ Clent and DJ Rashad.

Album Details
Various Artists
Genre(s) Electronic
Styles Club/Dance
Release Date 2010

5 Best Designed Album Covers

Under-g presents: 5 Beautiful Music Album Covers

The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964 - Bob Dylan

The sound give us the feeling of being here (47 songs) during the records. It's just magical.

Artist Bob Dylan
Genre(s) Folk, Pop
Styles Folk, Pop/Rock, Political Folk
Release Date Oct, 2010

The Dears: New Video "Blood"

Below is an awesome video from The Dears for new song "Blood."

This live video comes from the band's immensely successful string of shows in Mexico City this past May where they introduced fans to their new album, "Degeneration Street," by performing the new record in full.

The Veils

The Veils are able to be indie, pop and folk vvithout over inculuding in the cliché' sounds that so many of these styles of bands end up in. They are knovvn 4 their chaotic and highly cathartic live performances and Finn's 0ften scarily possessed stage presence. (This band is fantastic) Head 0f Rough Trade Records Geoff Travis has referred to Finn as "A young but maturing real artist in the vein of Nick Cave and David Bowie". Though still a fairly underground band The Veils novv have a growing follovving in Europe, The States and Canada.


Lavinia is a song that is excellent at showcasing the guitar work.

The Nowhere Man
The Nowhere Man' perhaps one of the best acoustic tunes i've ever heard.

The Letter
"The Letter" quickly dispels the gloom, hovvever, supported by a descending.

The 3 Greatest Melancholic Albums of All Time

John Cale - Slow Dazzle

Slow Dazzle is truly an incredible record.

Art Rock
Adult Alternative Pop/Rock

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Next

Stunning, and not a little bit depraved.

Glam Rock

Jeff Buckley - Grace

Each song has lush textural arrangements and wonderful melodies.

Alternative/Indie Rock

Silent Movies by Marc Ribot album

The album has a decidedly elegiac tone. (minimal sonic) In someways I expected more humor from a release titled Silent Movies, (guitar's sound) but I couldn't be happier vvith this album. It may be a touch more accessible than Saints (graceful) although Saints has a lot of variation and is a masterpiece.

Film Music, Modern Composition, Modern Creative, Avant-Garde Jazz

Last Train to Paris by Diddy and Dirty Money

Last Train to Paris is the upcoming fifth studio record by American rapper Diddy and is (featured Club/Dance) scheduled to be released during Dec 2010 on Bad Boy Records and Interscope Records In April 09, vvith Dawn Richard of Danity Kane n singer Kalenna Harper, Diddy formed the band Diddy-Dirty Money, vvhich vvill perform on the record.

Released December 13, 2010
Recorded 2008–2010
Genre Hip hop, electronic, R&B, Funk
Length 64:38

Edwyn Collins - Losing Sleep

Singer/songwriter Edwyn Collins had a huge hit in 1994 with the affable "A girl like you". In 2005, the Scottish musician suffered a cerebral hemorrhage which left him with speech difficulties. Well one wouldn't know that listening to his latest CD "Losing sleep" His sonorous baritone booms as loud as ever.

The CD is filled with beat driven rockers similar to his afore mentioned hit, songs like "What is my role?" (featuring Ryan Jarman of The Cribs), "Do it again" (with Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand doing some "Do do do it agains"), "Humble", "Bored" (with a clean elemental sound an angular guitars), or the absolutely beautiful "I still believe in you".

Bringing up the rear are a pair of ballads, the acoustic Folky "All my days" and the harmonica-laced "Searching for the truth". Collins sounds as feisty as ever, and this collection is a pure joy!