Mixtape 92 Curated by Craig Fox of The Greenhornes

Greenhornes frontman Craig Fox has an extensive and obscure knowledge of sixties rock and pyschadelia. We know this because after he delivered his mixtape tracklist to us, we couldn't find half the songs. Doing the best we could in the digital age, searching for translations of old, obscure vinyl, we had to shorten this mixtape a few cuts. But it's also one of the coolest, most stylized mixtapes we've had since Mixtape 1988. So grab a blacklight, pass the pipe, and enjoy.

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- For You (1978)
For You is Prince's debut album. Released on April 7, 1978 and bearing the soon-to-be classic tag "Produced, arranged, composed, and performed by Prince," the album is generally regarded as a promising but somewhat insubstantial early effort. The album peaked at #163 on the US Pop Charts (#21 R&B), and would go on to sell 430,000 copies domestically (983,000 copies worldwide).